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Get rid of that unsightly overgrowth! Our team of professionals can help you remove trees and clean your Brisbane block.

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Looking to clean and clear your Brisbane backyard?

We can clear remove any shrubs and trees from residential, commercial and rural blocks. Whether you need to make room for construction work or, simply, your backyard has just gone wild, we can clear any block of land around Brisbane.

Land Clearing and Cleaning

Lush, green trees are a staple of the Brisbane landscape. But sometimes, you’ll have to clear away overgrowth, which is taking up space or creating problems elsewhere. Or, maybe you need to clear an entire field of unwanted trees and stumps to make room for construction work.

Tree Leaves Cleaning By Arborist

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Why is Land Clearing in Brisbane Important?

There are different reasons property owners need to clear their block of land. These may include:

Make room for renovations or a new development

It is not uncommon for land use to change over time. Sometimes, there’s a need to make room for a new structure or for a building extension. In this case, trees need to go before any construction can take place. Sometimes, trees get relocated or removed to improve access to a site.

Improve Curb Appeal

One of the most significant benefits of land clearing in Brisbane is that it improves your curb appeal. 

Maintaining a visually appealing landscape can be made more accessible by strategically clearing vegetation. A landscape with mulched soil provides easy access and a neat and attractive appearance.

To Decrease the Risk of Fire

In a fire outbreak, dried leaves from surrounding vegetation can ignite the fire. As a result, it is imperative to manage vegetation near structures and houses.

Reduce the Population of Pests

Pests are attracted to dense foliage areas as they can find food easily for sustenance. Before building a house, you should remove these; otherwise, you will end up with a health hazard.

Council Regulation Compliance

Nature and developed environments are both affected by bushfires in Australia. Land clearing is the most effective way to eliminate this hazard. To prevent damage by bushfires, the Queensland government has provided specific guidelines regarding vegetation management for residential properties. 

At Brisbane Tree Removal, we will ensure your vegetation is cleared according to the council’s requirements and environmental regulations.

Improved Soil Condition

Thanks to our eco mulching process of land cleaning, you’ll be able to enjoy a lush lawn that is free from weeds and other hazards.

We can leave your landscaping with an ideal topsoil condition, so you won’t need to spend extra money on soil treatments.

Our top priority at Brisbane Tree Removal is the safety of our workers and the well-being of your property. Our experienced staff use only the best quality equipment to ensure your job is completed efficiently and safely. We also provide we get an SWMS (safe work method statement) before any job begins.

Backyard Cleaning By Arborist

Our Clearing Services in Brisbane

Land Clearing

Brisbane Tree Removal has extensive experience providing land clearing services for residential and commercial clients throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have the right equipment and skilled workforce to handle any job, from a small patch of grass to a large section of farmland.

Vegetation management is one of our core functions. Some of these include:

  • Block and land clearing
  • Commercial site clearing
  • Rural land clearing
  • Shrub clearing
  • Forestry mulching
  • Regrowth clearing
  • Forestry harvest clean-up, etc.

Roadside & Footpath Clearing

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need a reliable roadside or footpath clearing service. We are experienced in working in rugged terrain, including difficult access areas and roadside properties.

Our team will ensure that your footpath or road is clear of debris, fallen trees, tree stumps and root balls, and other obstructions as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to traffic.

Acreage Clearing

Do you have an acreage property in need of expert care? Brisbane Tree Removal can take care of it.

Our team of well-trained and licensed professionals can remove all your unwanted trees, shrubs, weeds, and other vegetation.

As a result, you enjoy a comfortable, attractive environment on your property. We can also handle stump removal to prepare the land for future development.

Track & Trail Clearing

Our experienced team is equipped to handle the clearance of track, trail, and forestry roads in the Brisbane area.

Regardless of the track size, we will clear it, and our equipment can prevent soil and vegetation damage.

We work efficiently around your schedule to reduce downtime for your business or customer inconvenience.

Firebreak Clearing

Trail Clearing Trees

Remaining fire-prone materials and reducing fuel loads prepare your property for bushfire season. 

We perform regular slashing and clearing for councils, developers, property owners, and more. So you can rest assured knowing your yard or property is safe and free of combustible material.

Creek/Dam Clearing

Creeks and dams can cause much damage in a short period if left unmanaged. And many natural watercourses contain dangerous materials, including mud and debris, that can accumulate over time and cause a flood without warning.

No matter the area, we have the right equipment and skills to make the creek clear and safe again.

Property & Site Clearing

Whatever your site clearance needs are, we can handle it. We have expertise in tree pruning and tree removal and safely and efficiently removing stumps and roots from the ground below. No matter the size, we can get the job done safely.

Why Choose Us?

10 Years of Experience

When you work with us, you get a team with more than 10 years of experience in land clearing jobs of all sizes across Brisbane. We clear hundreds of trees yearly, ranging from small residential blocks to large farms.

Certified and Insured

Our team are well-trained in the latest industry practices and takes great pride in their work.

We are fully insured and use commercial-grade equipment. All of our team are polite, courteous, hardworking and reliable.

Latest Equipment 

We have all the necessary equipment to safely cut and remove trees. Our staff is trained operate the most modern cutting and trimming equipment available paired with all safety gear. 

Affordable and Reliable

As a customer-centric company, we are committed to providing you with the best service at the most competitive rates.

We keep our prices low by working efficiently without cutting corners. When we work on a job, we focus on giving you the best results with the least hassle on your part.

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Can I remove a tree myself?

Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to remove a tree yourself unless it’s small enough that you can handle it alone. Larger trees require specialised equipment and knowledge to remove safely, so it’s best to leave them to the professionals.

How much does tree removal cost?

The cost of tree removal varies depending on the size and type of tree and the accessibility of the site. To get an accurate quote, you can feel free to contact our friendly professional team for a free quote.